Anti-Flag, Death of a Nation: DVD

Feb 26, 2007

This is Anti-Flag’s first ever DVD and a live one, at that. Don’t say you don’t know who they are. You either love this band or hate them. I know there are plenty of Anti-Flag haters out there. But would there even be haters if the band wasn’t as good and hardworking as it is? I doubt it. Say what you want about them; they put on a great live show and come up with amazingly catchy songs with political agendas. If you’re an online message board hater who would never be caught dead at an Anti-Flag concert because, you know, “they’re sell-outs,” but you secretly like them, this DVD is as much for you as it is for the die-hard regulars who frequent their shows and the fans across the globe who might never see them live. Scrambled Visual, who worked on the latest Anti-Flag music videos, put this DVD together and it’s very well done. The DVD includes great animated menus featuring zombie George Dubya Nazis and men with TV heads. There are over twenty songs from various shows (ranging from small, intimate gigs to huge, packed, sold-out concerts) with fancy-schmancy multiple-camera angles, superb sound quality, and editing worthy of only the best live music videos and DVDs. For me, the coolest part of this DVD is not the one-hour live segment (is that Against Me! jumping around on stage, singing along to “Die for Your Government”?! Yeah!!), but rather the special features and extras. I don’t know about you, but I hate and loathe buying a DVD only to find the “ultra special” features are the theatrical trailer and a French language track. Fuck that bullshit. If I’m paying over $15 for a DVD, you better pack that shit to the brim! And packed to the brim this DVD is. There are two unreleased music videos, as well as the previously released one for “Turncoat,” along with storyboards and a great “making-of” featurette of that video (you even get to see the band befriend a homeless man in Detroit and have him be part of the video—too cool). But wait, there’s more: several montages, funny behind-the-scenes tour footage, a live radio show and an interview where the band skillfully answers questions all you haters have been dying to ask! Aside from all of these special features and the amazing live footage, there is also a propaganda section for politically fueled fans. Kudos to A-F and Scrambled Visual for a job well done. This DVD rules. –Mr. Z (A-F)