Jun 10, 2008

Here’s me scratching my head. Why is it that whenever this band, seemingly made up of intelligent, well-informed people, tries to write lyrics, they come out like, “We’re tired of lies; we want the truth!” and “It’s up to you to see through lies by those who’ve led us to endless world strife”? Why do they feel the need to dumb everything down for people? Why is the politically correct thing to be completely dogmatic and humorless? Why does everything about Anti-Flag seem so sterile and processed? The thing that baffles me the most is that this album is probably going to be wildly successful, while Last Match by the Thumbs, one of the most intelligent, visceral, fist-swinging punk albums in recent years, has been totally ignored. There’s no shortage of awesome politically-oriented punk bands out there. This just isn’t one of them.

 –josh (Fat)

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