ANTI-CIMEX: Victims of a Bomb Raid: EP

Nov 13, 2013

This is Anti-Cimex’s third EP, and though not as blazing as their second EP, Raped Ass, it still packs a devastating blow. Sound wise, this sits in the middle of their first two records: mid tempo, still catchy, and a heavier sound via the Discharge influence seeping in. I like how they continue to solo in the songs—as started on the Raped Ass EP. It gives the sound a more urgent feel, believe it or not. The title track is a total burner—with the churning bass line—then that break where it’s just the bass rumbling. Then everything comes back in underscoring the sonic force they were becoming. Plus, you will be singing this song to yourself within minutes of the record being over. “Game of the Arseholes” is another killer on here. I like their attack on religion, straight, unrefined, and to the point. That dive bomb guitar intro is always great to hear. Also, I like the fact that Sweet influenced them to title a song “Set Me Free.” Absolutely essential listening.

 –M.Avrg (Nada Nada,, [email protected])