ANTI-CIMEX: Anarkist Attack: EP

Nov 13, 2013

Psyched as hell to see this stuff getting reissued on vinyl. I have the CD that has the first three EPs that Distortion put out twenty years ago. Can’t afford, nor would I want to pay, the collector prices for the original. That money can be better spent on things like skateboards, food, more records, and books. So, thanks to Nada Nada and Spicoli for reissuing this, as well as Raped Ass, and Victims of a Bomb Raid for those of us with discerning taste. They have even kept the covers to the original format and design. Anarkist Attack was the first EP from Anti-Cimex, and while it is perhaps their rawest, it’s still pretty good, and even catchy. These four songs don’t bear the Discharge influence that would surface on the following records. This stuff is more just straight-up hardcore punk. Maybe it’s the looseness of the sound, or the drumming style, but I’m reminded of the early Italian hardcore style when I listen to this record. You get four short blasts that race at a decent pace, but never a dull blur, making sure the songs retain their individual character and stand out from the next. I like the hectic pace in the chorus to “Drömmusik,” where the singer Jonsson sounds like he’s slightly ahead of the rest of the band. Seriously, this is a great record, and essential to your collection. Jonsson would go on to sing for Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Charlie would go on to be in bands like Death Dealers, Psychotic Youth, and Driller Killer.

 –M.Avrg (Nada Nada,, [email protected])