ANTI-CIMEX: Anarkist Attack: 7” EP, Raped Ass: 7” EP & Victims of a Bomb Raid: 7” EP

Nov 13, 2013

A reissue of the first three EPs by this venerable Swedish hardcore institution, courtesy of a Brazilian label. Their first salvo, 1981’s Anarkist Attack, is an amateurish, yet spirited mix of the obligatory Discharge influence and sloppy, thuddy hardcore. It probably wouldn’t be considered crucial to the casual listener, but is arguably ground zero for both the band and the whole fjordcore sound. Their follow-up, 1982’s Raped Ass, is an altogether different beast. Tempos, vocals, and the Discharge-derived musical attack are ratcheted up several notches, with screaming vocals and pummeled instruments giving clearer insight into why the band became so influential. They followed up the next year with the Victims of a Bomb Raid EP, which keeps the speed and Discharge influence at the fore and, while they back up a bit on the sonic flailing, they manage to do so without sacrificing any of the heft. All are faithfully reproduced and include inserts with cover variants from other reissues, as well as “liner notes” by one of the band members. It’s highly recommend these be sought out, and fast ‘cause I’m guessing there’s only a handful of ‘em floating around out there.

 –jimmy (Nada Nada,