ANTELOPE: Reflector: CD

Jul 23, 2007

Dischord Records has always had a unique place in my life. Since getting into punk, I have always had an appreciation for the politics and camaraderie that was displayed amongst the Dischord bands. The music though…the music doesn’t so much lack my appreciation as it frustrates my repeated attempts to want to give Dischord the place I desire to give it, upon an almighty throne of what a true scene should be. No doubt there are problems with the company that I’m unaware of, but on the whole it seems like a great example of what many record labels can (and do) try to become. What about the music? Yeah, Minor Threat was great, as was Fugazi. Much of the rest of the catalog seems like hits and misses to me: Jawbox? Hell yeah. Q And Not U? Amazing. Marginal Man? Uh, never heard of them. Skewbald? What? Who are some of these bands? I’ll tell you who they are: the vast majority of them are bands who only put out one or maybe two albums on the label and then broke up, depriving fans of the fully mature musical. Antelope is a current Dischord band, one that is active and putting out music and could go either way on the list of Amazing/Who? This is the band’s first full length (with an EP and 7” under their belt) and it’s ten songs coming in at twenty-five minutes, which means a lot of quick action in that tangled, strange indie rock sound that one might have heard with some of the more recent Dischord bands. A lot of the material here is really catchy and borders on being fun at times. However, there are also tracks like “Wandering Ghost” which is somewhat annoying with its continuous monotone delivery of the song title. I want to hear more of Antelope, and with songs this short, maybe a longer album, too. I have a feeling there could be some good things in store for this band and with an ex-member of El Guapo, there certainly is a history of creativity within the band. It’s just a matter of time to see where they fit on the list of Dischord bands.

 –kurt (Dischord)