ANTEENAGERS M.C.: Self-titled: 7”EP

Jul 22, 2008

Philosophically playful and a little more abstract than their previous Let’s Not Have a Party 7” (which ruled), it seems like these French folk are testing the form, both topically (“Mao Vs. the Sparrows”) and structurally (“Illusions of the Teens” has a lot of counting numbers between thirteen and nineteen, so it’s feels like a musical Derrida meets Sesame Street). My favorite track is the “regressive” (meaning the one track that most reminds me of their previous work) “Let’s Get Back Together,” which fuses the sunshine and doom of the best of the Velvet Underground into a timepiece of music that sounds simultaneously like a new anthem and a song that has been already been played for forty years. (It’s a cover, I later find out.) Great stuff.

 –todd (Plastic Idol,