ANTEENAGERS MC: Let’s Not Have a Party: 7” EP

Here are the things that automatically come to mind with the Anteenagers MC: stilettos, pins and needles, walk-in freezers, and piano wire beginning to press on my throat while good music is being played. They’re a French foursome from the musical incest pool of the No Talents and Operation S who’ve picked up the best and most anxious bits of art punk. When I say, “Comparable to Entertainment!-era Gang of Four,” it means that they’re both danceable (and not disco, like later Gang of Four), and angular (like a mannequin body in fancy clothes thrown out of a fourth story window. It’s pretty, but it gets plenty fucked up on the landing, with appendages jutting out like broken tent poles.) It’s hard for art to rock and for rock to be arty, but the Anteenagers MC pretty much nail it. Strong, strong stuff.

 –todd (Plastic Idol)