Sep 19, 2007

Is that a tostada on a rampage? How would a tostada trim its mustache? The cover leaves us with many unanswered questions. The Answer Lies: Imagine that the Swing Ding Amigos listened to metal, sounded less Hendrix’y, and rolled around in a fine layer of dust and dirt, just like Pigpen. Zingy, tightly-wrapped, riding-bikes-is-rad punk. Not bad at all. Tulsa: It’d be “precious” if it didn’t seem so gut-right. You could make an argument that this wouldn’t considered “punk” if you just root canalled the music right out of context (it’s sorta folky, sorta indie, but anxious and asking all the right questions) and put it under the cold light of consumerism. But solely approaching the music like that would be missing the entire point of bands like Tulsa: it’s all about heart, DIY trust, and great songs, much like Hot New Mexicans, This Bike Is a Pipebomb, and Almighty Do Me A Favor. Yep, real good.

 –todd (Repulsion / Dirt Cult)

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