ANS: Pressure Cracks: LP

Dec 22, 2009

Have I gone back in time to the mid ‘80s? I know everything comes back eventually. But to experience another cycle of popularity in the same lifetime intrigues me. Thrash metal was a favorite of mine back then and I really do like it now. As Municipal Waste’s popularity grows in leaps and bounds, I can see others embracing this style. This Texas band does it well. I have seen it first-hand live, even before listening to their recorded output. The first thing that I notice coming from the guitar is rapid metal riffage that doesn’t sound downtuned. Drumming comes pounding out with that classic double bass kick sound. Vocals phonetically delivered that you can actually hear the lyrics without a lyric sheet. Bass guitar rounds things out to fill in the bottom of the sound spectrum. Adding to the mix, they add elements of punk and hard rock to keep things interesting. The back cover layout looks like the back cover of the Adolescents blue record but with different colors.

 –don (Tankcrimes)