ANOTHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM: Discography 2000-2004: CD

Jun 21, 2007

Let’s face it, in this day and age there are those bands that defy classification and those who don’t. Another Oppressive System falls into the latter category. The telling elements include: gas masks and assault rifles on the cover; black and white album art; more than a few skeletons; use of Stencil font; on Profane Existence; song titles that include “Release the Dogs” and “Desperate Cry for Change.” You know what you’re getting into before you even crack the jewel case open. This CD contains the songs from four split 7”s and their self-titled one. There are brief moments where they’ve almost got that same kind of urgency and undercurrent of melody that Tragedy utilizes so well, but most of the time they just sound like a slightly-better-than-average crust band.

 –keith (Profane Existence)