ANONYMOUSE: 2014 Demo: Cassette

I confess that there was a time when, in dire need of a condom, I used one that had been thrown from stage to audience. (Hey, it was the ‘90s! I was young!) I’m not sure if, even then, I would have ever use one I got from a cassette bearing Crass stencil, as found in this Anonymouse demo. Based on the signifiers alone, I was expecting pretty much what I got: angry and impassioned slogans over tinny oompa hardcore. Unlike a lot of anarcho stuff, there is some melody to be found here, especially in the vocals—both the lead and backing variety are obviously American guys trying to sound British, and the production values are way too good to pass as a relic of foregone times. Still, not too shabby for what it is.

 –Michael T. Fournier (