ANNIHILATION TIME: Tales of the Ancient Times: CD

Sep 04, 2008

Take a little later era Black Flag, Poison Idea circa Feel the Darkness, a tiny bit of Zeke, mix it up, and you have Tales of the Ancient Times. I like it. This hits me as the aural equivalent to the weird brothers in my hometown who were all grade school drop-outs who worked together in their parents’ motorcycle repair/leather jacket shop. If they knew how to play instruments, this is the punk album they would put out (after a false start as a Steve Miller cover band). “Bald Headed Woman” really gets into some serious motorcycle rock territory like early Turbonegro. My personal favorite is “Coming to My Senses” whose descending riff makes it sound like the best track Black Flag left off of My War. This is a worthy skuzzy punk album, with just enough old school metal influence for those who like to sport denim vests. Put it on while riding dirt bikes through the neighbor’s yards.

 –Adrian (Tee Pee)

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