Sep 16, 2011

All I can say is this is one band that always brought the punk energy into their hard-rocking shows. I knew that they would always play with a good dose of reckless abandon and their sets would be a blistering and sweaty display of hard-charging fun. Seeing them in the tiniest of rooms to larger venues, they were always consistent in their delivery. Bringing their ‘70s arena rock with a stoner edge—mixed with the energy of Bl’ast and mid- to late-period Black Flag, which is not easily achieved—to whomever was present. So this record has seen many a repress and has been released by a number of labels. Not sure of the pressing differences since I only originally had the CD release. But the one that I hold in my hands comes in a gatefold cover, kind of faded denim blue color vinyl, and a bonus record that is the Cosmic Unconsciousness 7”. Hearing this makes me realize that it has been a few years since I last saw them. Pretty sure they are a done deal at this point. But I’m pretty sure each one of the members is playing in one or more bands right now.

 –don (Tankcrimes)