ANNA OXYGEN: This is an Exercise: CD

Jun 19, 2007

I’ve seen Anna Oxygen play live. And I liked her. Even though I usually actively dislike music that uses computers instead of instruments. The thing about Anna Oxygen is that she has an incredible singing voice. It supercedes the electronic music that she surrounds it with. That said, I find this album very hard to get into. The title track is fairly catchy and aptly named since it makes me feel like I should be in an aerobics class, but the hooks and melodies of most of the songs are obscured by all the electronic affects that Ms. Oxygen has decided to play with. And holy crap, there is one track called “Mechanical Fish” which scares the shit out of me every time it comes on. An unexpected man-voice pouring out of my speakers? Yikes. I think I will take this album down the street and give it to my neighbor, Jessica, who likes to jog and work out and dance in bars full of cute girls. If you like to do those things too, then perhaps this is the perfect album for you.

 –jennifer (Kill Rock Stars)