ANIMUS MAXIMUS #1: WATER BEARS : 8 ½” x 5 ½”, $2, photocopied, 11 pgs.

May 08, 2013

I’m not trying to be a lazy reviewer, but it’s hard to describe or promote this zine better than the author, Phylus Devonian, does himself. He says in the intro, “I was prompted to make this zine after being introduced to the phylum called Water Bears (or Tardigrades). I had only to hear a snippet of information about them (that they are the only known creature capable of surviving in the vacuum of space present in low earth orbit), and I immediately wanted to write a zine about them! It is mostly a way for me to get people excited about the world around them (no matter how small). Nuff said! Read on & be astounded!” This short zine in crude comic form does make for an exciting, if quick, read. It’s something the author chooses to think about as, “hope incarnate... when humans, so fragile, and yet so destructive, seek to bring about their own extinction, creatures that share the same basic DNA coding as us, will carry life onward into the future. Maybe even to another planet. Thanks, water bears!” And thanks, Phylus, for filling me in on these creatures when I barely knew they existed. –Craven Rock (Phylus Devonian, 2427 Dupont Ave. S., Apt. 102, MPLS, MN 55408)