ANIMAL KINGDOM #1: $6, 10” x 7½”, offset, 52 pgs.

Mar 07, 2013

Like compilations, anthologies are generally a mix of the good and the bad.The first issue of Animal Kingdom is a comic anthology that, to be frank, was pretty difficult to get through. Either the stories were so steeped in a kind of indiscernible existential crisis or the comics themselves were laid out so poorly it was difficult to navigate through them and figure out what was going on. The most successful were Caitlin Sherwood’s “Dream, June 3, 4, 2012,” which had some pretty striking illustrations, and the final piece by Zane Grant and Jonathan Spies, about a warlock and his apprentice staking out a questionable BBQ establishment. –Keith Rosson (Animal Kingdom, 5341 Webster St., Philadelphia, PA19143)