ANGRY SNOWMANS: What We Do Is Festive: LP

This is a difficult gig: a punk rock Christmas / comedy album. For example: I already hated the much-compromised modern Vandals, so when they released Oi! to the World, I actively started hating their fans. It is against these overwhelming odds that the Angry Snowmans’ What We Do Is Festive melts my black coal of a heart and replaces it with a blinking red Rudolf nose. They invert both punk’s cynicism and Christmas’s consumerism. Punk joy? Wide-eyed, child-like wonderment of a fun time of year? That’s what this record is. Instead of crooning Bing Crosby and Burl Ives, it’s belligerent Bing and sauced-up Burl ripping the wrapping off the Germs, Fear, Black Flag, Zero Boys, X, Misfits, Fear, (“(I Love) Christmas in the City”), and many more. It’s done in a lovingly manner, extremely punk-knowledgeably, often hysterically. Overthrowing the oppressive North Pole regime never sounded so good. Play it from the day after Thanksgiving until January 1, and we’ve got no beef. Outside of that, the reindeer gets punched. Awesome

 –todd (Stiff Hombre)