Nothing chaps my hide more than the thought of folks being oppressed, and the best punk rock has always managed to highlight the plight of those living under the boot heel of some asshole exploiter. This album is a heartfelt primal scream from one of the most brutally overworked, yet criminally overlooked class of worker. I’m talking, of course, about Santa’s elf helpers. Three hundred and sixty five days a year (sixty six on leap year, thanks to Pope Gregory) these folks are worked in conditions Dickens would’ve found revolting to sate the greed of a planet and the obsessions of an overweight sadist with a thing for red pajamas. The Snowmans repurpose twenty of punk rock’s finest songs from the likes of the Misfits, Adolescents, D.I., (Canada’s) Subhumans, Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, Dead Kennedys, and, yes, the Angry Samoans to call attention to the deplorable conditions the “Elves of the North Pole” have endured for millennia, with titles like “Ebeneezer Über Alles,” “Richard Hung His Sock,” “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Halls Decked in Tonight,” and “Slave to Saint Nick.” These socially aware recreations of punk classics are executed so damn well makes this a must for your favorite anarchist rally. Fucking Santa Claus. I’d shoot the fucker out of the sky next Christmas, but it’d only render the poor little fellas unemployed.

 –jimmy (