ANGRY DEAD PIRATES, THE: Garage Music for Mind and Body: LP

At this point, garage rock seems to be the premiere scene of rock music for the last decade or so. Sometimes, that’s great. I love a good garage record, but it seems to translate to letting a lot of bands just sort of phone it in. Just enough slack in the vocals to make it sound like the singer doesn’t care, just enough reverb in the guitar to make it sound like guitarist is always about to miss the notes, just enough simplicity in the drums to never confuse anyone where the song is going. It just gets rather uninspiring sometimes. Angry Dead Pirates at their best do what at least a hundred other bands do, but not in a way that raises your eyebrows. You simply see it, think, “Yeah, that sounds alright,” and move on with your day. Interchangeable garage rock. Grade: C. 

 –Bryan Static (Frantic City, / Barbarella Club / Laboratoire)