ANGRY ANGLES: Self-titled: LP

Jul 22, 2016

Angry Angles was Jay Reatard’s post-Lost Sounds/pre-solo career band, along with Alix Brown and a couple of different drummers. They managed to release a few singles before disbanding, which are collected here along with a number of unreleased tracks (and a live set if you use the download card included). The music sounds appropriately transitional—a distillation of both the dark new wave terrain Lost Sounds mined so well, albeit sans synths, and the blown-out, shattered garage pop of his later work. If you’re looking for a quicker reference, one need look no further than some of the covers they drop here—tunes by the Urinals, Devo, and a great take of Wire’s “The 15th”—to suss out the parameters they set out for themselves. Lots of good ideas fly past as this spins, some that are pretty stunning, some that probably could’ve used a few more weeks of gestation, but nothing that results in an embarrassed wince. All told, this is a fine closing salvo and a bittersweet rearview glance at what one could easily see as growing into one of the great bands of the last twenty years. 

 –Jimmy Alvarado (Goner)