ANGRIES: Hollowed Out: CS

Apr 29, 2016

Contrary to their name, rumors suggest that the Corvallis quartet Angries are actually really fucking nice people. Their eleven-song debut spends twenty minutes conveying well-curated rage through melodic punk rock with the barreling energy of a freight train. Moving between catchy hooks, ‘80s hardcore, and ‘90s riot grrrl vibes, Hollowed Out has something for everyone. Get your catchy gang vocals fix in “Hollow Days” and furious pit vibes from “Tolerance.” the closing track, “Raped Culture,” is my favorite and one of the most interesting tracks on the cassette. It opens with dark, disjuncted bass chords before dropping into fast, straight-ahead punk rock, eventually echoing the repetitive trope of The Exploited’s “Sex and Violence” in a punk feminist critique on American rape culture. Silver glitter cassettes, bold cover art, and a clean DIY insert make this self release feel exciting to listen to and easy to follow. While I wish the mix was a bit more bass- and drums-heavy, it will definitely stay in rotation. I’m stoked to see what these folks have up their sleeve for 2016. 

 –Candace Hansen (Self-released,

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