ANGIE OASE: Pistol Shot: 7"

Jan 19, 2012

The packaging and arrangements are minimalism at work. No dust sleeve, blank labels, two 5” x 8” pieces of cardstock with art and lyrics, one woman with an electric guitar. That’s cool, but the songs are begging for more. Angie Oase’s songs straddle punk, power pop, and glam and would be perfect in a movie about badass women living in the city and trying to make it in a rock band. And she does it without the cheese or lowest common denominator lyrics and riffs that you’d assume come with such a thing. The problem is that these songs sound incomplete without booming drums leading up to the choruses, soaring leads, and rumbling bass to move the hips. Here we have Jem. Let’s hope she finds her Holograms.

 –guest (

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