ANGEL SLUTS, THE: Singles Staring at the Steady: CD

I like this band. They’re like the band that’s last on the bill of a night with a bunch of half-dull bands that you only came out to see because your friend was in one of them and you felt you had to show up out of obligation, and your feet are kind of tired and you kind of think it’d be nice to just go home and take your shoes off and watch Mission: Impossible and call it a night, but you figure you better stick around for the last band or you’ll look like a douche, and then they rock it and you get one more beer and you dance around like a dumbass and spill half your beer and go back and get two more, and, at the end, you realize that sticking around for that band just made your night. It also made you kind of smelly and gross, too, but, y’know, one takes what the market will bear. I realize that, over the years, i’ve compared this band to an insipid number of other bands, all told, but, following staunch perusal this singles/odds/ends compilation, i think i’m settling in on an overall Mullens comparison—straightahead, effective rockers, without time nor inclination to get overly cute nor clever about things. Uh, “Love” notwithstanding, of course. Keep it slutty, yo. BEST SONG: Well, of the songs I hadn’t heard previously, I’ll say “44.” Old faves like “5 And Dime” and “Untitled” are still swell, too. BEST SONG TITLE: “Untitled.” The Angel Sluts don’t have time for this jiggery-pokery! FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The CD cover is made to look like a flattened-out cassette J-card. This is either really clever or totally fucking stupid. Possibly both.

 –norb (Fat Sandwich,