Andy The Doorbum: The first song’s a pretty decent little folk punk (acoustic guitar with a beard—what else can you call it?) indie rockin’ ditty about taking too much medication. I kinda dug it and thought to myself, “Hey, maybe this won’t suck.” The second song sorta sucks. Can’t win ‘em all, Andy. Yardwork: (Or is it Yard Work, two words? I have no clue.) Eh…it’s okay. Sorta indie-ish in that lazy Pavement way. (Y’know, good at their instruments with decent melodies but too cool to really make it hang together right or play tight.) I’m sure there’s a better comparison to make here in 2011 but I’m probably the wrong guy to make it. The more I listen, the more I can enjoy the tunes but I wouldn’t see myself going back to this once I’m done reviewing it. It’s just not my thing.

 –Ryan Horky (Self Aware,