ANDROID HERO: Broken Hearted Love Songs for Sensitive Tough Guys: CD

Nov 02, 2010

These guys sound a lot like Karp with a healthy splash of Wrong-era Nomeansno. I have been in love with this kind of stuff lately, so I’m stoked on getting something newer in the same vein. Basically, you take a ridiculously heavy punk power trio that alternates between sludgy and frantic and add some incongruously non-heavy lyrics. (At least not heavy in the standard apocalyptic imagery way a lot of extreme punk and metal tends to work with.) In this case, most of the songs are actually about relationship breakups. (There’s even a song that’s called “Bad Breakup.”) There’s also a random song about Daniel Johnston called “Daniel Johnston.” Most of the twelve songs on here are under the two-minute mark, but when you can get your point across with some tuneless—but scruffily compelling—shouting, why fuck around? Also, one of the guys in the band sounds scarily similar to Rob Wright of Nomeansno at times. My only critique is that the production comes off a bit underwhelming sometimes and leaves some of the songs flatter than they should be. I would love to hear these guys after hitting the studios with someone like Steve Albini, who knows how to really let music like this breathe. All in all though, Android Hero is a welcome addition to my collection. Hell, this is the kind of stuff I would play if I were in a band at the moment.

 –Adrian (Algerbay and Mustard Pack, [email protected])