Jan 23, 2008

Sex Gang Children is one of those proto-goth bands that is not probably unheard-of by only today’s most dedicated gloom’n’doomer. I’m figuring the biggest reason for this is because, like fellow Batcave denizens like Alien Sex Fiend, their chosen sound was far removed from what became the goth template set forth by bands like Bauhaus and, especially, Sisters Of Mercy. Rather than sing in dour, deep voices, Andi opted for a very nasal post-Rotten screech for the most part, while the rest of the band eschewed all the sludgy minor chord worship and instead mined some bizarre, over the top, dark cabaret/tribal punk hybrid that would’ve made Bertold Brecht giggle with glee. This, released as Andi’s first solo album due to some legal bullshit the band was going through over their name at the time of its 1984 release (and since reissued a few times under the band’s name), is a nice example of what the band does best and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with better known previous releases like Deiche and Sebastiane. If black is your favorite shirt color and you’re looking for something a little off the beaten vampire-inspired track, this’ll be a welcome surprise.

 –jimmy (