Jul 21, 2009

Some people might call this plaintive. I call it sniveling. Other people might refer to these melodies as lilting. I call them wanky. If you believe that using more than three chords is getting into jazz territory, then this is what our world would sound like if Kenny G had founded Stereolab – bland, mindless, inoffensive, innocuous, and so utterly indistinguishable from beige wallpaper that I can’t even call it background music. This is the eighth straight album (out of eight so far) I’ve reviewed for this issue that I hated. I’m beginning to wonder if Todd is punishing me for something… My only hope is that I can sell this shit for enough money to buy a pint of cheap whiskey to annihilate the memory of the indignities which I am currently suffering.

 –scott (Flameshovel)

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