ANCIENT FILTH: You’re Nothing You’re Everything: 7” EP

Jun 13, 2014

Massachusetts punks Ancient Filth are back with their second 7” of raging hardcore. As with past releases, the music is one brutal assault after another in the honorable tradition of past MA bands such as Out Cold and Cut The Shit. Lyrically, however, they have much more to scream about than the typical fare of “stabbed in the back” betrayal stories or suburban lethargy and disillusionment. Ancient Filth encourage us all to give a fuck, if not for the sake of others then for the sake of ourselves: to agree to disagree, to call out bullshit (organized religion, capitalist oppression) when necessary, and to question not only our country but our world: “believe nothing, examine everything.” All this without pretense or a high-and-mighty stance on the issues they feel strongest about. The artwork and packaging is, once again, stellar: a booklet sleeve with the lyrics printed on a separate inner booklet stapled in the center and a huge fold-out poster, to boot. Can’t possibly say enough good things about this band. Get this or die posing. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Ancient Filth self-released,