ANCHOR: Recovery: CD

Sep 16, 2011

CD players did not like this release, but the computer grudgingly accepted it. And what came forth from these tinny speakers was some earnest, topical, non-preachy straight edge hardcore. Surprisingly good stuff—Recovery, in terms of ferocity and approach, falls pretty close in the spectrum to bands like Reserve 34, The Effort, or Have Heart. It’s the feeling-man’s version of hardcore, shot through with smarts and compassion, versus the bro-style, dick-swinging kind. It’s more than competent stuff, and thoughtful, and blessedly free of both machismo and judgment. It’s really too bad that the stereo wouldn’t play this album, as Recovery would most likely be getting some repeated listens around here. I rarely like this type of stuff, but when it’s done well, like it is here, I’m a total sucker for it.

 –keith (Pee)