ANCHOR: Recovery: LP

Seems like the past few straight edge records I’ve picked up have been a cut above all the shit that has come out in the past twenty years, especially in the lyrical department. Along with Poison Planet, and a few of the other bands I’ve heard on Refuse (which seems to be the world premiere straight edge label these days), Anchor put a lot more thought into their lyrical subject matter. They sing about apathy, and the political implications it has, animal rights, the eternal search when you feel lost, and more. Never really delving into clichés, or taking the safe and tired path. Musically, they draw from the past couple decades more than the usual ‘88 source. The style is modern with effects added in the studio for more emphasis on certain lyrics or to add a little more punch in the music. The guitar dominates the sound with a heavy and loud drum sound right behind. There are some straight up rock elements here as well, but done in a way where it doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s more in the breakdowns and some of the riffs. The vocals are loud and shouted, but the words come across clear, and, at times, you can hear some cracking, which I like. Pretty good record. It comes housed in a gatefold cover with and a twelve inch lyric booklet with a bunch of well-produced photos. Whoa!

 –M.Avrg (Refuse, / [email protected])