May 09, 2012

This might be a bad analogy, but you know how cheap beer gets better the more you drink? That is an apt comparison to this CD. Upon first listen, I wasn’t really taken by the band’s mixture of Sublime-ish ska and punky Bossa nova, but damn, after a few listens I was singing along to more than a few songs, wondering how in the hell this happened. The Anchor Babies hail from right here in Razorcake’s backyard, Los Angeles, California and display a smart, lyrical wit and instrumental prowess that I wasn’t really expecting. I am not sure if they play out that much—as I have never noticed them—but I will certainly keep an eye out for any shows they might be playing around town in the future. I don’t know why, but this disc just oozes summer. I could totally see some of their songs in a surf video or something. This sort of mellow musical bouillabaisse normally wouldn’t find its way into my CD player, but damn you Anchor Babies! Damn you! Just like that cheap beer I mentioned, I hope to see you around again sometime soon.

 –Garrett Barnwell (

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