ANB/ANS: Tribute to Gang Green: 5”

Mar 01, 2011

I thought this was a CD until I slid the little piece of clear vinyl out of the sleeve. Ah, I love the skaterock, and Gang Green is a big part of that... Come to think of it, Gang Green might have something to do with my love of alcohol, too! Well, we’ve got a couple of flip-brim “initials” bands paying tribute, and they do a great job. ANB does “Alcohol” faithfully and competently. They get a special kudos for recreating the famous Gang Green coke mirror photo. I have a feeling it’s photoshopped, but regardless, nice work. ANS go balls-out by not only doing “Let’s Drink Some Beer,” but slapping in an original on the sly. A great one, at that! Two great bands paying homage to some drunken legends. What’s not to like?

 –ty (Tankcrimes)