ANATOMMY: Valens Times Day: CDEP-R

Mar 07, 2013

This local two-piece from the Highland Park area fuses members of Seasons and Bikini Kill tribute band, Bikini Thrills. With Charlene’s alto vox as the mouthpiece, this is less riot grrrl than garage pop equipped with sing-a-long choruses found in “Johnny Ramone” and “My Love,” while the love letter, “At Your House,” takes a sweet, acoustic, confessional turn. “Blue Spells,” the closest to Bikini Thrills, surprises by playing up a sharp contrast of Charlene’s charming vocals with heavy, hardcore chords the likes of other locals, Go Betty Go. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, Anatommy has enough here to define them against your run-of-the-mill chick band. Check ‘em out if you’re in the ‘hood.

 –Kristen K (Self-released, [email protected],