Mar 17, 2008

Words generally fail me when i attempt to explain what it was like hearing that first Void demo in 1982. It was sort of a mixture of exhilaration and confusion, which, after the dust settled, kinda ended up being just plain confusion— “I know exactly what they’re doing! Waitaminnit, no i don’t! Yes! Yes i do! Wait, no! No i don’t!” Analingus are a lot like that, but more like the Furious Fighting Car Thieves ((or, hell, the Fuckin’ Flyin’ A-Heads for all i care)). Shoot It Up are more like a bunch of guys who kind of sound like Scumfuc-era GG Allin. Both sides of the split 45 feature art so crude as to make John Wayne Gacy’s Bloody Mess & The Skabs appear veritably Ditko-esque by comparison. Curiously, nowhere near the worst record i was given to review this issue. BEST SONG: Analingus, “McDonaldLand.” BEST SONG TITLE: Shoot It Up, “Undercover Queer.” Yes, “Undercover Queer” is the best song title of the seven songs on this record. I mean, with world-class competition like “Anti Straight Edge,” it was a brutally tough call, but, yes, “Undercover Queer” it is. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Analingus are: He Who Licks Ass—He Who Kicks Ass—He Who Sticks Ass.”

 –norb (Riff Raff)