ANALENA: Inconstantinopolis: CD

Mar 04, 2010

Wow. Analena—centered out of Croatia, and having been around for over a decade—is just spot on with this record. Wonderfully intricate melodies that give way to harsh, howling freakouts—dual guitar attacks and a vocalist who ranges from rich singing to acerbic shrieks and back. Inconstantinopolis is apparently their third full-length, alongside a handful of other releases as well, and they come across as a group of folks entirely on top of their game. There’s an assured confidence here that’s hard to deny. At times they remind me of old screamo acts like The Assistant and at others—particularly when they go from those melodically interwoven musical moments to a full-blown howling explosion—where they’re wonderfully reminiscent of Submission Hold. I mean, the vocalist comes across at times as a dead ringer for Jen Throw-Up, which made me really enjoy this record and also more than a tad wistful for the old days. But all that aside, this is some absolutely ferocious and capable “post punk” with focus and energy to spare. The more I listen to it, the more involved and ambitious it sounds. I rarely do this, but folks should head over to and check this band’s stuff out.

 –keith (Moonlee)