AN AUTOMOTIVE: Self-titled: CD

Jul 10, 2009

Let’s run down the checklist. Let’s see: cloying, sensitive lyrics, arty cover artwork, brooding indy/college nerd music and a band name that makes Jimmy Eat World seem cool. According to my calculations, that puts this cute little rump cupcake squarely in the middle of the musical cess pool popularly known as emo. Listening to this makes me want to pull my own legs off and beat myself into a quiet, blissful coma where bands like An Automotive don’t exist. This emo thing is getting out of hand. It might be time to reach for the Bat Phone and get someone in here to clean up this mess. Where’s Tesco Vee when we need him? –Aphid Peewit (Six Gun Lover)



 –aphid (Six Gun Lover)