AMPERE / RAEIN: Split: 7”

Nov 16, 2015

Ampere is a DIY screamo outfit from Amherst, Mass. that has been at it for over a decade, releasing split after split. They’re ferocious and spastic, almost verging on powerviolence, and a little bit Palatka, a lot Orchid (sharing member Will Killingsworth), and sometimes resembling Loma Prieta. Ampere’s three songs sink in their teeth and never let go. The lyrics are preoccupied with abandoning (or resolving) the past, utilizing images of light and darkness: “The sun can blind as can the dark.” The songs are over in the blink of an eye but leave quite the impression. I also recommend listening to All Our Tomorrows End Today, released in 2004, with a title that is once again fixated on the past. Raein hail from Italy, and they pair nicely with Ampere’s aural assault. The guitar melodies are haunting, taking cues from post-rock, shoegaze, and screamo. Although the music is more “pleasant” than Ampere, the vocals are equally as shrill and agonized. Raein recently released the stellar free Perpetuum EP that further expands their moody, atmosphere-drenched sound. Definitely grab what you can from both of these respectable punk outfits.

 –Sean Arenas (No Idea,