AMPERE: Like Shadows: CD/LP

Jan 19, 2012

I used to listen to screamo a lot back in the late ‘90s and early ‘00s and loved it, but thought that stuff akin to Hot Cross and pg. 99 had seen its day. Little did I know that Will, the guitarist from Orchid, has been blazing away since 2002 with Ampere. Where have I been? Then again, it’s taken Ampere nine years to come out with their first full length of fifteen songs, clocking in at thirteen minutes. I understand the interest in brevity, but I usually prefer my screamy hardcore a bit lengthier. That being said, I think that if my life was going to end in some glorious, severe manner, I’d like this to be the soundtrack. This is the sound of the world collapsing, caving in on itself; this is the sound of everything you love going to shit; this is the sound of desperation, of intense hemorrhaging, of nervous breakdowns. Imagine an English-speaking version of Japan’s Envy with much shorter songs and only their full-on blasts of intensity. Former screamo fans—come out of the woodwork and get this!

 –kurt (No Idea)