Feb 21, 2008

For the most part, I think a lot of what’s considered the “new metal” these days is a truckload of hand-selected shit. You’ve got bands like Korn (yikes), LinkinPark (yow), the ever-annoying Limp Bizkit (will Durst ever shut the fuck up? He and Lars Ulrich need to put their heads together and make an ass outta themselves), and Rage Against The Machine (How’s that shiny, black BMW driving these days, Zack? I bet they have a lot of those on the reservations, huh?). I mean, how many times can these bands take what was created and deemed sacred from bands like Black Sabbath and piss all over it? Search me, but it obviously sells. I gotta give some credit to Amongst the Shadows, though, due to the fact that they ain’t afraid to rock the way they seem fit. I hear glints and glimmers of Maiden in a lot of this demo and I gotta say, for a five-piece outfit whose age range is eighteen to twenty-one, not to mention only being together for a little over six months, ATS can be a band that will be turning a lot of heads if they keep it up. My only piece of advice to these guys would be to kick out some more straight-ahead cuts for us older fucks, like their “Under The Gun” track, ‘cause that song’s happening in my opinion. And Mitch – drop a suggestion to the rest of your bandmates to cover Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile.” I know damn well your band could do a fine version, complete with your vocalist doing Mr. Phillip Anselmo proud.

 –dale (band contact: (562) 587-2389)