Jan 19, 2012

I’m really digging All In Vinyl’s series of U.K./American splits. They’re totally carrying on the Snuffy Smiles tradition (you know, just with a different country involved). The Amistad: Shit yeah. Catchy-as-hell punk rock from the U.K. Definitely in the same league as their fellow countrymen like Dauntless Elite and Bangers. A couple side notes: 1.) the guitar tone on these recordings is perfect and 2.) “If you find some answers, you’ve got 140 characters” - totally made me look up how many characters you get in a tweet, and lo and behold the answer is 140. New Bruises: One of my major complaints with a lot of “gruff” punk is that a lot of bands, try as they might, aren’t nearly catchy or interesting enough that I find myself humming their songs when alone. New Bruises is one of the bands that I’ve never really had that problem with. Solid stuff! Good split.

 –Chris Mason (All In Vinyl,