AMISTAD, THE: Kept Under by a Generation of Ghosts: CD

Jul 13, 2010

The Amistad are a British band that plays poppy emo punk, whatever that means. I already referenced them in another review I’m working on, but there are a lot of similarities between this band and the band The Reason from Ontario. I’m kind of tired of hearing so many bands that sound like this but, at the same time, keep me from hating them because their songs are kind of infectious. They provide no redeeming value but do provide some good toe tapping, head-bobbing times. Chances are, however, that you already have albums by bands like this in your collection that are just as good. These albums are the hardest to review, so check it out at your own risk or you too might be sucked into the great sound of mediocrity and indecision.

 –kurt (Bombed Out,