Jun 25, 2006

Hard-rocking Christians are always a hoot. Few things jack the needle up on the old laff-o-meter like constipated religious folk doing the Satan Rock thing. Remember Stryper? Sweet Jesus, what’s funnier than a bunch of born-again Christians wrapped in tight spandex and playing hair metal? How about some Amish gentlemen casting aside their hoes and butter-churners and picking up electrical instruments to unleash an unholy sound that falls somewhere between Jesus Lizard and Fear? This is the Amish Armada’s second full length and I’m sure there will be those who will describe them as an Amish Gwar; and while that comparison isn’t totally without merit, it’s a tad superficial. I hear a myriad of influences here, everything from Mr. Bungle and the Dead Kennedys to Merle Travis. And when you add to that a crazed frontman with a mustacheless beard and a wide brim black hat who sounds like Lee Ving in his angrier days, you’ve got a wonderfully weird and potent mix. There’s just something about the notion of an Amish Lee Ving that puts a little hike in my giddup. I never imagined neo-Luddites could be this much fun. Eclectic, dastardly smart, and funnier than an Amish circle jerk, the Amish Armada are a swift kick in the britches and are worthy of much notoriety. If I only knew the secret Amish gang handshake, I would shake their hands heartily. Good stuff. Bring this disc to your next quilting bee.

 –aphid (Amish Armada)

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