AMERICAN MEMORIES: Dreadful Night: Cassette

Nov 24, 2014

It’s that mid-tempo, brooding, pretty-to-frantic-back-to-pretty screamo stuff that kind of faded from the collective radar ten or so years ago. It’s a genre that I still like, at least when it’s done well—and yeah, it’s done well here. Think Amanda Woodward, Todos Caeran, or Book Of Caves. Made up of two guys; there are only five songs here, and, unfortunately, no lyrics included. I was hoping these were epic, world-weary tunes about humanity’s unchecked desire for its own ruination, or maybe a treatise on Mandeville’s 1714 essay An Enquiry into the Origin of Moral Virtue, or something lofty like that. I mean, hey, it’s screamo! You kinda gotta write about obtuse shit like that, right? But the singer thanks “all the girls who made him bummed out” in the liner notes so that he had something to write songs about. Meaning these are probably just break-up tunes. Still, nice tape. 

 –keith (Lost State)

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