AMERICAN LIES: Listen, That’s Disco: 1-sided 12” EP

May 01, 2012

My geography’s not the best. Neither is my sense of time. The East Bay late ‘80s/early ‘90s has shifted to the Inland Empire (2009-201?). I don’t think anyone’s gonna deny that without the early Lookout and Fat catalogs shipping into chain stores in the dryer and hotter parts of Southern California that American Lies wouldn’t exist in its present state. American Lies is less beef jerky and more fruit leather. Sure, you can reduce all the ingredients to their original fruit components: Crimpshrine, Pinhead Gunpowder, Fifteen, NOFX, Sludgeworth. The good news with fruit leather is that all those musical notes are still pliable, flexible, shapeable, provide some nutrition. It’s not over-salted, dry, brittle relying on artificial preservation. American Lies are also playing with tangible excitement. The B-side is a bitchin’ silkscreen. Not for fans of disco. For fans who wish there was a record that bridged Today’s Empires… Tomorrow’s Ashes and Fallow.

 –todd ([email protected], Way Out West / Muy Autentico / Mouse House)

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