Jul 06, 2006

Yes, yes, yes, yes, this is the shit! This is the kind sugar papa likes. The dudes that used to be in Athens, Georgia’s No! have started a new band, American Cheeseburger, and boy is it fucking perfect. Fast-as-shit melodic-ish hardcore that reminds me of Spazz or Charles Bronson without all the blast beats, with super pissed-off vocals but also with a sense of humor! Nothing makes me happier than a band that doesn’t take themselves super-seriously all the time. I mean, there are some topical songs and issues addressed, but for the most part it’s all just rad fun. Come on, how can you not love lyrics like: “Playing Super Ghouls and Ghosts/Eat tofu and texas toast”? This shit is rad. If you run a record label, you should put out this band’s record!

 –ben (Demo)