AMEBIX: No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings: CD

Sep 04, 2008

U.K. anarchopunks who have been around a long, long time. This record is a remastering of the band’s first three EPs from the early ‘80s that have been moldering in some basement for the last quarter century. I’m not an aficionado of this genre, but I do like such stylings, and, for the most part, I liked this record. It appeals to the sense of malevolent self-righteousness deep inside o’ me and makes me want to break shit. But, there was nothing truly earth-shattering on this record for me. Not that it sounds like another pasty, one-legged entrant in the anarchopunk footrace, it’s just that the record never made me sit up and take notice. It was great background music while I was reading a novel about World War I. But what the hell is with all that warbling on track six? It sounds kind of like the painy strains of a moose being dragged by the nuts from a snowmobile. Very odd, that one. All in all, this held my attention reasonably well, but there were a few misses for me on it. That’s only a personal reaction, though; if you like Amebix, I’m sure this will be a welcome package.

 –Eric Carlson (Alternative Tentacles)