AMEAÇA CIGANA: Self-titled: CD

May 09, 2012

Metal-tinged gallop-core from Brazil. Based on my rudimentary grasp of Portuguese, the lyrics seem to address the political and the personal. Not bad, not stunning.  –jimmy (SMD,

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January 5, 2022
I’m not familiar with this mid-’90s Sacramento band, but research indicates that most of these songs were released on a CD with a similar title (but with spaces between the words, like they used to do it in the twentieth century) in 1997. The liner notes speak of re-recording songs, but it’s hard to figure out if that means the CD is the re-recordings and these are the original versions, or what. Presumably, those who care deeply about such matters already know these things. Anyway, this bunch seem like they might have been a bit of an anachronism, playing vintage hardcore like eighteen-year-olds used to play in 1983 while being in their mid-twenties (from what I can tell) in 1996. Although I’m not sure what I would have thought of this album at the time, at the moment, it kinda sounds like a breath of fresh air, or at least a pleasant hearkening back to my teen years (admittedly, using “hardcore” and “fresh air” in the same paragraph has been a bit of a stretch since about 1982). You know—short, fast, to the point songs about cops and drinking and racism and stuff, played by people while drinking and avoiding cops and racism and stuff—the eternal fountain of misspent youth. Their guitarist Pete died of an accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound in ’96; this package—dead body chalk outlines and all—seems to be largely in his honor. Fair enough. Party on. BEST SONG: “FYI.” BEST SONG TITLE: “You Kenny?” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This album title is still twenty-six letters shorter than Snuff’s first album title. –Rev. Nørb (Pete’s 9mm Rec Hords)
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