The minimalist packaging (unless an insert was lost in the mail) gives virtually no information about this record. Is this the birth of “mysterious guy” metal? A search on the web reveals this is a split on Halo Of Flies, who usually have some nice packaging. Anyhow, Amber are contemporary metal that has a bit of crust and hardcore swirling around, not to mention some emo-esque guitar parts. Throaty vocals devoid of much emotion blanket the song, but it doesn’t have my attention. Locktender are along the same lines, only with a touch more tension in their song. The throaty vocal thing here also blankets the song and buries some of the nuances in the music. On the whole, this record does nothing for me, as neither band does anything to distinguish themselves from others of the genre.

 –M.Avrg (Halo Of Flies,