AMAZING TAILS: Daydreams for Adults: CD

Nov 11, 2009

The Good: These two retrospective discs, covering what I’m guessing is this Finnish band’s recorded output of a couple of albums (one heretofore unreleased), assorted singles, and comp tracks, show a band with one helluva lot of talent both in songwriting and performance. The earliest stuff showcased here sounds like the output of some sort of Descendents/Hüsker Dü worshippers who have conned Slayer’s Dave Lombardo into bringing his double kick drums and need for speed along for the ride. As they go along the ride spread across both these discs, though, you can hear their sound morph until they end up sounding like Leatherface’s Finnish doppelganger, right down to the crazy/droney/ringing chords and obscene hooks. I’m not kidding, kids, some of the songs here are fuggin’ gorgeous. The Bad: Totally a preference call, but as much as I’m agog over the songs themselves, I’m not so keen on the lead vocals, which sound to these ears like a weird cross between the worst aspects of Circle One’s John Macias and Don from Plain Wrap. The Ugly: An unfortunate cover of Cheap Trick’s “He’s a Whore,” which is one of those tunes you just shouldn’t fuck with. A little digging on the internet revealed that they’ve apparently reformed after breaking up in 1994, and despite my misgivings about the vocals, I’d recommend giving them, and these discs, a shot.

 –jimmy (

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